Meet Metalsystem

Metalsystem operates

In the segment of automotive replacement since 1990. It was in a house of 60m2, in the neighborhood of the English Parade, in the north of São Paulo, that Metalsystem Distribuidora de Auto Peças began its activities with a little more than 100 items.

Currently, we are in an area of ​​10.000m2, we have a team of 120 employees and 100 representatives strategically positioned throughout the national territory.

We offer to the market, a line of 28,000 items, supplying all the part of suspension, brakes, trimmings, hardware and imported. Aiming for greater control and quality, in all processes, we use innovative software and are investing more and more in technology, to better serve them, never leaving aside the appreciation of people, relationships and communication.

We take advantage of the space to thank the partnership with all our customers, staff and suppliers.

May we have joy and disposition in everything we do!




We have representatives throughout the national territory, which provides effective service and a comprehensive positioning of the brand.


A complete line of products in the Suspension, Brakes, Refrigeration, Fittings and Hardware segments.


With a specialized team, we count with qualified collaborators for a service with excellence.


With more than 25 years in the market, we offer tradition, quality, experience and security in our services and products.

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